Introducing Octafarm’s Auto-Compounding Pools
3 min readJan 8, 2022


Understand Octa’s main product offering: auto-compounding farms.

After months of hard work and sleepless nights, we’re finally ready to launch the protocol. Before we do that, it will be beneficial to share with the community an overview of core product offering: auto-compounding farms.


Octafarm is an auto-compounding yield maximizer that will aggregate LP pools from across the BSC network into a single protocol that is optimized for simplicity. Octafarm in its essence does two fundamental things:

1. Aggregate all liquidity provisioned (LP) farms and pools across the BSC network that originates from native BSC DEXs such Pancakeswap, MDEX, Anyswap, Biswap and every possible DEX on the network

2. Automate the LP yield farming reinvestment process by hard-coding smart contracts to perform the auto-compounding process so users do not have to reinvest manually to maximize their yields

How Does it Work?

Users will be able to access any LP pool that originates from DEXs on BSC network on Octafarm. Since Octafarm acts as an aggregator, users will be able to automate their yield farming reinvestment process on Octafarm. Octafarm will aggregate various LP pools from the following DEXs;

Ø Pancakeswap


Ø Anyswap

Ø Biswap

Ø Any other DEXs

Octafarm will reinvest all of the LP pool earnings multiple times daily, so users can be certain that they will maximize their earnings potential. Here’s a look at Octafarm’s aggregated farms:

Octafarm’s layout

For example, users that have staked into CAKE-BNB LP pool on Pancakeswap is currently earning a return of 46% APR. However, auto-compounding via Octafarm could increase a user’s earning potential to over 60% APY, since their yields will be reinvested into their capital base (LP pool) daily and there will be rewards incentives denominated in OCTF for all stakers on Octafarm.

At launch, users will have access to a list of the top LP pools from the biggest DEXs in BSC network. Octafarm will be the gateway to access a comprehensive array of LP pools that will have in-built auto-compounding features to automate the reinvestment process for users. This means that users can achieve the highest profit margins passively through the power of compounding, without having to do anything.

Users are free to withdraw their LP tokens from any of Octafarm’s farms at any time. There will be a penalty of 0.5% for early withdrawal of LP tokens that occurs within the first 72 hours of staking.

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